Yard No. 442

built by Scotts Bowling in 1972



Yard Number 442, was named SAINT BEDAN when launched on Saturday, 08/01/1972 by Scotts Bowling , for J & A Gardner & Co. Ltd., Glasgow.

Her main engines were built by English Electric Diesels , she was powered by 2 cyl 4SCSA

SAINT BEDAN was scrapped on 05/11/1982

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1972
Ship Type: Coaster
Tonnage: 1251 grt
Length: 237.5 feet
Breadth: 38.5 feet
Owner History:
J & A Gardner & Co. Ltd., Glasgow

Additional Information:
Sunk by explosives planted by Provisional IRA at anchor in Lough Foyle on 23/2/1982 (Blyth for Londonderry with coal), refloated and arrived Moville on 21/7/1982. Condemned and arrived Liverpool 9/9/1982 for breaking up by Sheppards Waste Recovery Ltd, commenced 5/11.

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Photo supplied by J Slavin shows vessel in Manchester Ship Canal, June 1975