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Yard No. 449

Yard Number 449 was named HELIOPOLIS when launched on Tuesday 28/05/1907 by Fairfield Govan for Egyptian Mail Steamship Company

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1907
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 11146 grt
Length: 525.8 feet
Breadth: 60.2 feet

Owner History:
Egyptian Mail Steamship Company
1910 Canadian Northern Steamships, Toronto
1916 Cunard Steam-Ship Co., Liverpool

Her last recorded name was ROYAL GEORGE (1910)

HELIOPOLIS arrived for scrapping on 14/08/1922

Additional Information: Scrapped in Germany
Previous update by Paul Strathdee
The following from laid up in Marseilles in 1909 and offered for sale. In 1910 she was purchased by Canadian Northern Steamships of Toronto and renamed ROYAL GEORGE. Refitted for North Atlantic service, she commenced Avonmouth
Montreal sailings on 26th May 1910. On 6th Nov.1912 she stranded near Quebec, was refloated and sailed for Halifax for further repairs on 12th Dec. and then proceeded to Liverpool. She resumed Avonmouth
Montreal voyages on 17th Jun.1913. On 3rd Oct.1914 she sailed from Gaspe Bay for Plymouth with part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and was then taken over as a British troopship. The fleet was purchased by Cunard SS Co in 1916, but the ROYAL GEORGE continued trooping for the rest of the war. She resumed passenger voyages on 10th Feb.1919 when she started the first of five Liverpool
New York sailings and started her first Southampton
New York voyage on 15th Aug.1919. Her ninth and last voyage on this service commenced 10th Jun.1920 and she was then used as an emigrant depot ship at Cherbourg
Broken up at Wilhelmshaven
Previous update by Bruce Biddulph