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Yard No. 151

Yard Number 151 was named LOCH LINNHE when launched on Tuesday 05/12/1876 by J & G Thomson Clydebank for Glasgow Shipping Company (J & R Wilson)

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1877
Ship Type: Iron Sailing Vessel
Tonnage: 1468t
Length: 234 feet 7
Breadth: 37 feet 2
Draught: 22 feet 3

Owner History:
Glasgow Shipping Company (J & R Wilson)
1899 J.E. Söderberg, Nystad, Finland
1906 Isak Grödahl, Nystad
1919 Rederi AB Standard, Åbo
1922 Åbo Nya Rederi AB, Åbo
1922 Gustav Erikson, Mariehamn

She was wrecked on 05/11/1933

Additional Information:
1899 sold to J.E. Soderberg, Nystad, Finland. Later owned by Isak Grondahl.
1913 rigged down to a barque.
1919 sold to Rederi Ab Standard, Turku, Finland.
1922 sold to Abo Nya Rederi Ab, Turku, Finland.
2 November 1922 sold to Gustaf Erikson.
British Registration No. 76732 and signal WVCN.
Drove ashore on a reef off Kokar Island near Mariehamn, Aland Islands and pounded to pieces by heavy seas (London for Mariehamn in ballast)
The figurehead is preserved at the Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum.

Photo supplied by Stuart Cameron
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