built by Barclay Curle & Company Glasgow,
Yard No 663
Engines by Shipbuilders
Port of Registry: London
Propulsion: Two five cylinder 2SCSA Doxford~type opposed piston oil engines, 11880bhp, twin screws, 16 knots
Launched: Monday, 10/05/1937
Built: 1937
Ship Type: Troopship, later Educational Cruise Ship
Ship's Role: Trooping (1937~60); Educational cruising (1961~67)
Tonnage: 11161 gross; 6634 net; 3819 dwt
Length: 516ft 10in
Breadth: 63ft 3in
Draught: 23ft 5in
Owner History:
British India SN Co
Status: Scrapped - 1967, Bilbao
Web site:
10/05/1937: Launched by the Countess of Inchcape. One of a group of ships built in the late 1930s to new Government trooping regulations: the others were her sister DILWARA, P&Os ETTRICK, and Bibbys DEVONSHIRE, later BIs DEVONIA.
23/08/1937: Trials.
25/08/1937: Handed over to The British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London. She could accommodate 104 First Class, 100 Second Class and 164 Third Class passengers, and 1157 troops.
1939: School cruising during trooping low season.
01/1940: Carried first New Zealand troops to Egypt.
07/1940: Carried aliens being deported from UK to Australia.
09/1942: Took part in the Madagascar operations under Royal Navy control.
07/1943: Involved in the Sicily landings.
09/1944: Carried the headquarters staff for the US 7th Army at the invasion of southern France.
1945: Transported occupation forces to Japan.
1950/1951: Refitted by Barclay, Curle at a cost of nearly 1,000,000 to bring her up to postwar troopship requirements. Capacity now 123 First Class, 95 Second Class, 100 Third Class and 831 troops; tonnages now 12615 gross, 7563 net, and 3675 tons deadweight.
1960: Trooping charter terminated by Ministry of Defence.
13/02/1961: Refitted by Palmers at Hebburn~on~Tyne to alter her for a new role as an educational cruise ship. Classrooms, a swimming pool, games rooms, a library and assembly rooms were all built. Capacity now 187 cabin passengers and 834 children; tonnages 12620 gross, 7430 net.
11/11/1967: Sold to Revalorizacion de Materiales SA, to be broken up at Bilbao.
20/11/1967: Demolition commenced.

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