Yard No. 308

built by Caird & Company Greenock in 1906



Yard Number 308, was named DEVANHA when launched on Saturday, 16/12/1905 by Caird & Company Greenock , for Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

Her main engines were built by the shipbuilder , she was powered by Two four cylinder quadruple expansion steam engines, 8000ihp, twin screws, 15.5 knots.

DEVANHA was sold for scrap on 21/03/1928

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1906
Ship Type: Passenger/Cargo Liner
Ship's Role: UK/India and China intermediate services
Tonnage: 8092 gross; 4785 net; 8057 dwt
Length: 470ft 0in
Breadth: 56ft 3in
Draught: 27ft 8in
Owner History:
Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company

Additional Information:
16/12/1905: Launched for The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, London.
31/01/1906: Registered. Cost £159,249.
01/03/1906: Maiden voyage from Royal Albert Dock, London.
06/09/1914: Left Bombay for the Mediterranean as Troopship No 5.
03~08/1915: Dardanelles campaign.
28/04/1915: Landed the 12th Battalion of Australian troops at what was later Anzac Beach, and then steamed up the coast as a feint to draw enemy fire.
30/04/1915: Converted into a hospital ship, in which capacity she was the last vessel to leave the Dardanelles.
09/04/1916: Picked up the last survivors of the CHANTALA (British India SNCo) torpedoed in the Mediterranean, and landed them in Malta.
06~11/1916: Persian Gulf.
12/1916~06/1917: East Africa.
07~09/1917: Persian Gulf.
10/1917~04/1918: East Africa.
05/1918~02/1919: Bombay/Suez.
04/1919: Reconverted to a troopship in London.
05~06/1919: Repatriating Australian troops.
1920: A lifeboat used at Gallipoli was presented to the Australian National War Memorial in Canberra.
22/05/1925: One return voyage London/Colombo/Melbourne/Sydney.
21/03/1928: Sold for £20500 to Sakaguchi Sadakichi Shoten K K, Japan, for demolition at Osaka.

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