Yard No. 222

built by John Elder & Co Govan in 1879



Yard Number 222, was named ARIZONA when launched on Monday, 10/03/1879 by John Elder & Co Govan , for S.B.Guion, Liverpool .

Her last recorded name was HANCOCK (1898)

ARIZONA was scrapped on 1926

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1879
Ship Type: Passenger Vessel
Tonnage: 5147 grt
Length: 450 feet
Breadth: 45.4 feet
Owner History:
S.B.Guion, Liverpool
1884 Wm. G.Pearce, Liverpool
1898 U.S.Army transport
1902 U.S.Navy transport

Additional Information: Rebuilt to 5305 grt in 1898. Served as troopship in First World War in the US Navy
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