built by Barclay Curle & Company Glasgow,
Yard No 579
Engines by North British Engine Works, Glasgow
Last Name: EMPIRE ATTENDANT (1940)
Previous Names: MAGVANA (1920)
Propulsion: Twin screw diesel, 1085 nhp, 13.5 knots
Launched: Thursday, 23/12/1920
Built: 1921
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 8441 tons
Length: 464 feet
Breadth: 58.3 feet
Draught: 32.9 feet
Owner History:
British India Steam Navigation Company Glasgow & London
1940 MOWT (BI as managers)
Status: Torpedoed & Sunk - 15/07/1942

Launched as MAGVANA and completed as DOMALA
Under the command of Capt Fitt, DOMALA suffered a severe bombing attack on Saturday March 2nd 1940. She was carrying a total of 295 people, 46 British and 249 Indians from London via Antwerp to Calcutta. At Antwerp she had boarded 143 British Indian subjects repatriated by Germany. A Heinkel bomber dropped four bombs onto the ship causing terrible casualties amongs the passengers and crew. Capt Fitt was killed with 18 other British people and 81 Indians, of whom 36 were crew. Before flying off the bomber sprayed the liners decks with machine gun fire. The JONG WILLEM from the Netherlands picked up 48 survivors in a boat, and even as she performed this task, she too was bombed and fired upon by machine gun, fortunately without damage or casualties. DOMALA was in a very bad state, the goverment purchased her and had her converted to a cargo vessel EMPIRE ATTENDANT. As such, on a voyage from the Mersey to Karachi and Durban, she was torpedoed by U582. Tragically all of her 59 crew perished.
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