Yard No. 467

built by Barclay Curle & Company Glasgow in 1907



Yard Number 467, was named CORSICAN when launched on Monday, 29/04/1907 by Barclay Curle & Company Glasgow , for 1907-10 Allan Line S.S Co Ltd (J & A Allan), Glasgow .

Her last recorded name was MARVALE (1922)

She was wrecked on 21/05/1923

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1907
Ship Type: Passenger Vessel
Tonnage: 11419 grt
Length: 500.3 feet
Breadth: 61.2 feet
Draught: 38 feet
Owner History:
1907-10 Allan Line S.S Co Ltd (J & A Allan), Glasgow
1910-17 Allan Bros & Co UK Ltd, Glasgow
1917-23 Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Ltd, Glasgow.

Additional Information: Maiden voyage Oct 31st 1907, Liverpool to St John, New Brunswick. Chartered by Canadian Pacific 1908
1914. Hit iceberg in 1912
little damage. Began Glasgow
Quebec and Montreal sailings April 4th 1914. Began trooping duties August that year. Taken over by CP in 1917. Refitted 1922 and name changed to MARVALE. In dense fog she ran on Freel's Rock, off Pine Point, Newfoundland. The discipline on board was excellent and within 25 minutes 437 persons were transferred to the boats without the loss of a single life. Photo supplied by above web page
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