Yard No. 402

built by John Brown Clydebank in 1911



Yard Number 402, was named AUSTRALIA when launched on Wednesday, 25/10/1911 by John Brown Clydebank , for Royal Australian Navy.

She is recorded as having sank on 12/04/1924

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1911
Ship Type: Battlecruiser
Tonnage: 18800 tons displ
Length: 590 feet
Breadth: 80 feet
Draught: 30 feet max
Owner History:
Royal Australian Navy

Additional Information: AUSTRALIA was decommissioned on 12 December 1921. To comply with the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, which provided for a reduction in naval strengths, AUSTRALIA was scrapped less than 2½ years later. She was towed to sea by tugs and sunk along with her main armament in position 95 degrees, 24 miles from Inner South Head, Sydney, on 12 April 1924.
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