Yard No. 341

built by John Brown Clydebank in 1900



Yard Number 341, was named VADERLAND when launched on Thursday, 12/07/1900 by John Brown Clydebank , for Red Star Line USA.

Her last recorded name was SOUTHLAND

She is recorded as having sank on 04/06/1917

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1900
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Ship's Role: Transatlantic liner - Antwerp - UK - New York
Tonnage: 11899 grt
Length: 560 feet 8 inches
Breadth: 60 feet 2 inches
Owner History:
Red Star Line USA

Additional Information: Launched for the International Navigation Co and operated by Red Line under the British flag until 1903 when she was registered at Antwerp. In 1914 she went to the White Star Line. Then in 1915 she was renamed SOUTHLAND as VADERLAND was deemed to close to the German VATERLAND and at the same time she transferred to the White Star
Dominion Joint Service from Liverpool to Canada.
After this she was requisitioned as a troopship for the Dardanelles campaign. She was torpedoed on the 2nd September 1915 by U
boat 14 as she carried 1400 troops from Alexandra to Mudros. Limped back to port assisted by HMS RACOON she was repaired and entered into the Joint Service from Liverpool again. After America entered the war in 1917 she again was used for troop transport and she met her end finally on 4th June 1917 when two torpedoes from U
boat 70 found their mark 140 miles north
west of Tory Island. She sank with the loss of 44 lives.
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