Yard No. 323

built by J Reid Whiteinch in 1902



Yard Number 323, was named COLONIAL EMPIRE when launched on Monday, 10/02/1902 by J Reid Whiteinch , for G. Duncan & Co, London. .

She is recorded as having sank on 17/09/1917

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1902
Ship Type: Steel barque
Ship's Role: Cargo
Tonnage: 2436 grt / 2281 nrt
Length: 302 feet
Breadth: 43 feet
Draught: 25 feet
Owner History:
G. Duncan & Co, London.
1908: Cook & Dundas, London.
1917: H. & C. Grayson Ltd, London.
1917: Anglo-American Oil Co.

Additional Information:
O.N. 114848.
Completed in March.
06/03/1902 Registered at London.
1908: The owner, James Duncan, died and the business was taken over by James Cook, cashier in the Duncan office, and Alexander Dundas, who has acted as the insurance clerk.
1915: After being ashore near Belle Island she was refloated but her registration was closed in 1916.
In 1917 she was purchased by H. & C. Grayson, re~registered and sold to Anglo~American Oil Co Ltd. 1917: Finally, the last of the "Empires" fleet, foundered on a submerged rock in Delagoa Bay with a cargo of kerosene and oil.
(Data from David P. H. Watson, biographer of the Captains Watson and the Empire Line).

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