Yard No. 160

built by William Hamilton & Co Port Glasgow in 1901



Yard Number 160, was named MELBREK when launched on Friday, 23/08/1901 by William Hamilton & Co Port Glasgow , for Melbrek SS Co. (Deas, Foster)., London .

Other names she bore were: WANDSWORTH (1905) HEATHBANK (1903). Her last recorded name was CAMLAKE (1911)

She is recorded as having sank on 26/08/1919

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1901
Ship Type: Steamship
Tonnage: 3230grt, 2086nrt
Length: 330.2 feet
Breadth: 45.7 feet
Owner History:
Melbrek SS Co. (Deas, Foster)., London
1904 Heath Line
1905 Britain SS Co. (Watts, Watts), London
1907 Gracechurch SS Co (Harris & Dixon), London
1909 Century Shipping Co.
1911 Merevale Shipping, Cardiff
1916 Lund & Dixon, London
1918 Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, Paris

Additional Information:
Stranded 17/8/1917 two miles north of Azimour/Azemmour Point, Morocco and total loss (Philadelphia for La Seyne~sur~Mer, general cargo), crew saved
After purchase by CGT in 9/1918, she was refloated 26/8/1919 but sank after six hours in eight fathoms while being towed to Mazagan (El Jadida) for temporary repairs; subsequently abandoned.

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