Yard No. 752

built by Scotts Greenock in 1984



Yard Number 752, was named CHALLENGER when launched on Tuesday, 19/05/1981 by Scotts Greenock .

Her main engines were built by Rushton , she was powered by 5 x Rushton diesels (6200 bhp) 2 x Voith-Schneider aft, 3 x thrusters forward. Her last recorded name was YA TOIVA

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1984
Ship Type: Seabed Operations Vessel
Ship's Role: Diving Support and Seabed operations
Tonnage: 6500 tonnes | 7185 tonnes displacement
Length: 134.1metres
Breadth: 18 metres
Draught: 5 metres

Additional Information: Designed to carry out full saturation diving and seabed operations, including survey and submarine rescue, the primary role of the ship, the recovery of objects from the seabed. Ship uses a dynamic position system, assisted by bow thrusters, and the Voith
Schneider cycloidal propellers aft. Sold 2000 and converted to diamond mining ship
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