Yard No. 69

built by Scotts Greenock in 1860



Yard Number 69, was named HORSA when launched on Tuesday, 03/07/1860 by Scotts Greenock , for Rathbone Bros, Liverpool. .

She was wrecked on 1893

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1860
Ship Type: Iron ship
Ship's Role: Cargo
Tonnage: 1128 g | 1092 nrt
Length: 220 feet
Breadth: 34.2 feet
Draught: 21.7 feet depth
Owner History:
Rathbone Bros, Liverpool.

Additional Information:
ON 28639.

Her intended name was POLLUX and may have been launched as such.

19th December 1892: Left Bluff, New Zealand for London and went ashore, due to pilot error in the Scillies (St Martins) 4th April 1893.

Towed clear by the Scilly packet LYONESSE the next day but when about 20 km off the islands she rolled over and sank in deep water SW of Bishop's Rock.
At the time she was owned by The Ship Horsa Company.

Photo supplied by John Ward~McQuaid
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