Yard No. 166

built by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow in 1882



Yard Number 166, was named REWA when launched on Wednesday, 19/04/1882 by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow , for Gray & Dawes, Glasgow .

Other names she bore were: ORIENTAL (1911) BRASILENO (1906). Her last recorded name was TEMERARIO (1912)

She was wrecked on 21/08/1913

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1882
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 3922 grt
Length: 390 feet
Breadth: 43.6 feet
Owner History:
Gray & Dawes, Glasgow
1886 British India S.N. Co.
1906 Soc. Anon. de Nav. Transatlantica, Montevideo
1911 Rafael Llusa, Montevideo
1912 Pietro Pittaluga fu N., Genoa

Additional Information: Wrecked on 21/8/1913 north of Cape St. Vincent, Newcastle for Savona with coal. Previous update by Paul Strathdee
Photo supplied by Graham Lappin