Yard No. 490

built by Russell & Co Port Glasgow in 1902



Yard Number 490, was named DAYLIGHT when launched on Monday, 02/12/1901 by Russell & Co Port Glasgow , for Anglo-American Oil Company .

Her last recorded name was TANGARA (1944)

DAYLIGHT was scrapped on 1953

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1902
Ship Type: Barque
Tonnage: 3756 grt
Length: 353 feet
Breadth: 49 feet
Owner History:
Anglo-American Oil Company

Additional Information:
1906 scuttled and sunk in the harbour of Yokkaichi, Japan to extinguish a fire onboard.
1912 sold to Tank Storage & Carriage Co. London.
1917 sold to Standard Transportation Co. Hong Kong.
1921 sold to Charles Nelson & Co. San Francisco to be used in the timber trade but her deep tanks made her less suitable for loading long timber and she was laid up in Oakland Creek, San Francisco Bay.
April 1924 sold to the Daylight Ship Co. Ltd. (James Griffiths & Sons), Seattle. Rigged down to her lower masts and used as a barge to carry gypsum from the Santa Marcos Island to Long Beach, CA.
1941 laid up in Winslow, WA.
1941 sold to Murray Simonsen, Brazil and rerigged as an auxiliary powered, Twin Diesel, four
masted barquentine
1944 renamed TANGARA
October 1953 BU in Rio de Janeiro
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