Yard No. 110

built by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow in 1874



Yard Number 110, was named BRISBANE when launched on Wednesday, 03/06/1874 by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow , for Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Co Ltd..

Her main engines were built by the shipbuilder , she was powered by 2 x inverted compound engines, 250 nhp

She was wrecked on 10/10/1881

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1874
Ship Type: Iron steamship
Ship's Role: Passenger / cargo mailship
Tonnage: 1503 grt / 891 nrt
Length: 281.5 feet
Breadth: 32.2 ft
Depth:17.6 ft
Owner History:
Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Co Ltd.

Additional Information: O.N. 70644.
21/10/1874: Registered at London.
10/10/1881: Struck Fish Reef off Quail Island, 26 miles from Port Darwin while heading there with cargo from Hong Kong. All passengers and crew were landed safely but within a fortnight the stranded BRISBANE had broken her back and had to be abandoned.

Additional data via David Steinberg, Australia.
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