Yard No. 291

built by Russell & Co Port Glasgow in 1892



Yard Number 291, was named AUSTRASIA when launched on Saturday, 26/03/1892 by Russell & Co Port Glasgow , for J. & W. Goffey, Liverpool..

Other names she bore were: GUSTAV (1910). Her last recorded name was MELBOURNE (1927)

She is recorded as having sank on 30/06/1932

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1892
Ship Type: Steel barque
Ship's Role: Cargo
Tonnage: 2718 g
Length: 305.1 feet
Breadth: 44 feet
Draught: 24.7 feet (depth)
Owner History:
J. & W. Goffey, Liverpool.
See remarks.

Additional Information:
O.N. 99403. Completed May 1892.
1910 Sold to A. Bolten of Hamburg and renamed Gustav.
1913 Sold to Vinnen Gebr of Hamburg or Bremen.
Interned at Mejillones in Chile 1914 to 1920.
1927 Sold to H. Engel, Altona and renamed Melbourne.
1928 Sold to Captain Erikson, Mariehamn.
1932 Run down by the Anglo~American Oil Company’s tanker, Seminole, when off Fastnet, Ireland, 30 June.
Previous update by Bruce Allan seen here as Gustav
Photo supplied by Green Collection – State of Victoria Library