Yard No. 182

built by Russell & Co Port Glasgow in 1889



Yard Number 182, was named LIVERPOOL when launched on Friday, 07/12/1888 by Russell & Co Port Glasgow , for Sailing Ship Liverpool Co Ltd (R W Leyland managers), Liverpool.

She is recorded as having sank on 1902

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1889
Ship Type: Iron ship
Ship's Role: Cargo
Tonnage: 3400 gross; 3330 net
Length: 333ft 3in
Breadth: 47ft 10in
Draught: 26ft 6in
Owner History:
Sailing Ship Liverpool Co Ltd (R W Leyland managers), Liverpool

Additional Information: O.N. 93835. Completed January 1889.
1896: Owners became Leyland Shipping Co Ltd.
25.2.1902: Stranded in fog, SE of Fort Florence, Alderney. She was carrying general cargo from Antwerp to San Francisco.
Previous update by John Newth.
Broke up, but not before she had been plundered. About £8,000 was realised from the sale of the cargo but this would have been considerably more had there not been such liberal pickings by the Alderney Islanders and others who came from Guernsey to share in the spoil.

Photo supplied by John Ward McQuaid