Yard No. 80

built by Russell & Co Port Glasgow in 1883



Yard Number 80, was named DRUMBLAIR when launched on Tuesday, 04/09/1883 by Russell & Co Port Glasgow , for Gillison & Chadwick, Liverpool..

Her last recorded name was CISSIE (1905)

She is recorded as having sank on 21/10/1915

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1883
Ship Type: Iron ship.
Tonnage: 1907 gross; 1848 net
Length: 267.4 feet
Breadth: 40.2 feet
Draught: (Depth 24 feet)
Owner History:
Gillison & Chadwick, Liverpool.

Additional Information:
O.N. 87900.
16.9.1892: Stranded 2.5 miles W of Shallow Inlet, Warath Bay, Victoria, Australia. Her master, Captain William Goulding was censured by the Court of Inquiry for careless navigation, disregarding compass errors and gross misconduct. His certificate was suspended for 3 months.
1899: Altered to barque rig.
1905: Sold to William Bowen, Llanelli and renamed CISSIE.
1912: Sold to Bech and Co, Tvedestrand, Norway.
1914: Sold to E Monson and Co, Tvedestrand.
21.10.1915: Sunk in collision with the steamer NORTHWESTERN MILLER (5046/15) 13 miles SxE of the Nab Lightvessel off the Isle of Wight. She was on ballast passage from Hull to Gulfport to be hulked. Seven of her crew were lost.
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