Yard No. 007

built by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow in 1863



Yard Number 007, was named LAUREL when launched on Thursday, 03/09/1863 by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow , for Glasgow & Londonderry Steam Packet Co (John Cameron & Lewis MacLellan), Glasgow .

Other names she bore were: CONFEDERATE STATES (1864), WALTER STANHOPE (1865), NIOBE (1882), BORDELAIS (1887). Her last recorded name was NIOBE (1888)

She is recorded as having sank on 28/11/1905

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1863
Ship Type: Iron Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 387grt, 270nrt (later see below)
Length: 185.9ft (1869: 212.8ft)
Breadth: 25.2ft
Owner History:
Glasgow & Londonderry Steam Packet Co (John Cameron & Lewis MacLellan), Glasgow
1863 Henry Lafone, Liverpool (on behalf Confederate Navy)
1864 Confederate Government Treasury Dept
1865 Goole Steam Shipping Co Ltd (John Moody & Richard Moxon), Goole
1882 Peter Hutchison, Glasgow
1887 ??, Bordeaux
1888 Peter Hutchison, Glasgow

Additional Information:
Ordered for Glasgow~Sligo service but sold clandestinely to Confederate Navy before completion as supply ship to CSS SHENANDOAH (former SEA KING, Alexander Stephen Yd 42); she carried armaments and crew for commissioning of SHENANDOAH at Islas Desertas, Madeira 18~20/10/1864
LAUREL ran the blockade, arriving Charleston 1/12/1864; the CS Navy found her unsuitable and she was purchased by the Treasury Department and renamed CONFEDERATE STATES, carrying a cotton cargo via Nassau to Liverpool, where she was laid up and sold in 4/1865.
Lengthened and reengined by Martin Samuelson & Co at Hull in 1869.
Sank in Le Havre Roads after collision with ss GREGORY (Booth Line)

1865: 433grt 316nrt
1865: 387grt 270nrt
1869: 458grt 340nrt
1882: 462grt 296nrt
1885: 478grt 293nrt
1889: 471grt 263nrt
1890: 505grt 289nrt

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