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Yard No. 57

Yard Number 57 was named CITY OF GLASGOW when launched on Thursday 28/02/1850 by Tod & McGregor Glasgow for Tod & McGregor Glasgow

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1850
Ship Type: Passenger liner
Ship's Role: Liverpool - Philadelphia route
Tonnage: 1609 grt
Length: 227 feet
Breadth: 34 feet

Owner History:
Tod & McGregor, Glasgow.
1850: Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia (Richardson Bros & Partners mgt).

CITY OF GLASGOW's final end is not entirely clear, except that she is recorded as having gone missing after 01/03/1854

Additional Information:
1850: Completed April.
Built as a speculation to demonstrate the benefits of screw over paddle. After watching the progress of the CITY OF GLASGOW which the builders were running themselves between Glasgow and New York, Inman purchased the ship as he realised its great advantages. William Inman assumed sole control in 1854. 52, 1st and 85, 2nd class passengers when built, increased to 130, cabin and 400, 3rd class in 1852.
The ship went missing after sailing from Liverpool on the 1st March 1854 carrying emigrants to Philadelphia. 480 lost.

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Photo supplied by Graham Lappin