Yard No. 8L

built by J Reid & Co Port Glasgow in 1889



Yard Number 8L, was named IREX when launched on Thursday, 10/10/1889 by J Reid & Co Port Glasgow , for J. D. Clink, Greenock.

She was wrecked on 25/01/1890

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1889
Ship Type: Steel ship
Ship's Role: Cargo
Tonnage: 2348 g
Length: 302.2 feet
Breadth: 43 feet
Owner History:
J. D. Clink, Greenock

Additional Information:
ON 93224.
1889: Completed December.
1890: Wrecked in Scratchell's Bay, Isle of Wight during a storm which reached hurricane strength. 29 of the 36 on board were rescued by breeches buoy.