Yard No. 970

built by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton in 1912



Yard Number 970, was named QUEEN ALEXANDRA when launched on Tuesday, 09/04/1912 by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton , for Turbine Steamers Limited (J.Williamson), Glasgow .

Her last recorded name was SAINT COLUMBA (1936)

QUEEN ALEXANDRA arrived for scrapping on 23/12/1958

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1912
Ship Type: Passenger Vessel
Tonnage: 785 grt
Length: 270.3 feet
Breadth: 32.1 feet
Owner History:
Turbine Steamers Limited (J.Williamson), Glasgow
Admiralty (1912-1919)
David MacBrayne (1935)
Admiralty (WW2)

Additional Information: Replaced the 1902 QUEEN ALEXANDRIA (which was launched a day before this anniverary in 1902)

She served as troopship in the first world war and distinguished herself by ramming and sinking a U

Bought by MacBraynes in 1935 she was extensively rebuilt and re
appeared with three funnels and extended saloon, her grt increased to 827 tons.

In WW2 she was an accomodation ship, stationed at Gourock.

After the war she returned to the Ardrishaig service. Withdrawn in 1958 and scrapped.
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Photo supplied by David Ritchie , shows her as SAINT COLUMBA
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