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Yard No. 683

Yard Number 683 was named BRIGHTON when launched on Saturday 13/06/1903 by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton for London Brighton & South Coast Railway Co London

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1903
Ship Type: Passenger Vessel
Ship's Role: Newhaven Dieppe
Tonnage: 1129grt, 301nrt
Length: 273.6ft lbp, 280.0ft loa
Breadth: 34.2ft

Owner History:
London Brighton & South Coast Railway Co, London
1923 Southern Railway Co, London
1930 Rt Hon Walter E Guinness MP (Lord Moyne from 1932)

Her main engines were built by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton , she was powered by 3 x Parsons steam turbines, 580nhp, 3scr 21kn .......... --1932 reengined 2 x M8cy diesel, 1scr Atlas Diesel, 1750shp, 15.5kn Her last recorded name was ROUSSALKA (1930)

She was wrecked on 25/08/1933

Additional Information:
5/11/1910 collided with and sank German clipper ship PREUSSEN eight miles S of Newhaven in fog
1914/1920 requisitioned as troopship, later hospital ship
Sold in 1930 and converted to a private motor yacht ROUSSALKA for Sir Walter Guinness (Lord Moyne). Her turbines were removed and diesels fitted in 1931, one funnel removed
Wrecked after hitting Blood Slate Rock, Freakin Island after leaving Killary Harbour in fog. Lord Moyne, guests and crew escaped the sinking vessel safely.
Photo supplied by G Robinson
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