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Yard No. 945

Yard Number 945 was named ERINPURA when launched on Monday 09/10/1911 by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton for British India Steam Navigation Company Glasgow & London

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1911
Ship Type: Passenger cargo vessel
Tonnage: 5128 grt
Length: 411 feet
Breadth: 52 feet 6
Draught: 23 feet 5

Owner History:
British India Steam Navigation Company, Glasgow & London

Her final day was on 01/05/1943 when she was sunk by bombing

Additional Information:
O.N. 132998.
December 1911: Completed.
Ambulance carrier WWI.
On 15/06/1919: On voyage, Aden to Port Said, stranded on Mushjera Reef and remained fast for over a year.
September 1920: Cut in two and the stern salvaged. Taken to Bombay where a new bow section, built by Denny, was attached.
1923: Returned to service.
01/05/1943: Sunk by air attack while trooping, Alexandria to Malta, in position 32.40N 19.53E.

Photo supplied by John Ward~McQuaid.
Additional data by Bruce Biddulph
Previous updates by Colin Campbell, George Robinson