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ss DUCHESS OF RICHMOND built in 1928 by John Brown Clydebank
The Passenger Vessel, DUCHESS OF RICHMOND was launched Monday, 18/06/1928  at John Brown Clydebank and completed 1928.

Her dimensions were a length of 600 feet,  and a tonnage of 20022 grt.

Vessel Particulars:
Yard no: 523
Shipbuilder: John Brown Clydebank
Length: 600 feet
Breadth: 75 feet

Propulsion details:
Engines by:
Propulsion: Twin Screw, 2 x 3 Parsons Turbine, 20, 000 SHP, 17.5 knots Cruising, 19 knots mAX

Arrived for Scrapping 10/10/1954
Additional information: (Ownership, history)

Canadian Pacific Steamship Company

Additional Remarks:
Collided with Cunard's ALAUNIA, off Sorel, Quebec in November 1932

Requisitioned for trooping 14th February 1940
Refurbished May 1946 at Fairfield's, Govan

Entered peacetime service again on 12th July 1947 as the EMPRESS OF CANADA

On 25th January 1953 she caught fire in the Gladstone Dock, Liverpool.

In an effort to put out the fire, the volume of water pumped into her caused her her to list and she sunk in the dock where she remained until March 1954 when she was righted. The salvage operation coast a whopping half a million pounds, an incredible sum in the fifties, but to no avail. She was declared a total loss and was towed to La Spezia later that year and scrapped.

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