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On This Day: 10th January
Sunk After Today 1910: ss LOODIANA
built by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton,
Yard No 293

Propulsion: steam, triple expansion, 372 nhp
Built: 1884
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 3269 tons
Length: 340.1 feet
Breadth: 42.2 feet
Owner History:
British India Steam Navigation Company Glasgow & London
Status: Sunk After - 10/01/1910

Remarks: The ship left Port Louis, Mauritius on the above date. Despite many searches the she was never found after failing to call in at her destination port. She was posted as presumed missing, as were all her 175 people on board.
Previous update by Stuart Cameron

Last updated: by Bruce Biddulph from the original records by Stuart Cameron

Sunk Today 1960: ss LURCHER
built by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow,
Yard No 657
Engines by shipbuilders
Previous Names: Scottish Coast Ulster Coast
Propulsion: Inverted triple expansion single screw . cldrs16 26 42. 10.5 knots
Launched: Wednesday, 20 September 1922
Built: 1922
Ship Type: Coaster
Ship's Role: cargo ship
Tonnage: 774.25
Length: 207 feet
Breadth: 32 feet 6
Draught: 22 feet 4
Owner History:
G & J Burns Ltd Glasgow
Status: Sunk - 10/01/1960

Previous update by Stuart Coast Lines 1925 r/n Scottish Coast. to Belfast SS Co 1938 r/n Ulster Coast. 1954 to Ahern Shipping Co Montreal r/n Aher Trader. 10/01/1960 ashore Gander Bay Newfoundland broke up next day
Photo supplied by purchased postcard

Last updated: by Colin Campbell from the original records by Stuart Cameron

Torpedoed & Sunk Today 1944: mv ASUKA MARU
built by D & W Henderson Ltd Glasgow,
Yard No 658

Propulsion: diesel
Built: 1924
Ship Type: Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 7523grt
Length: 440.4 feet
Breadth: 57 feet
Owner History:
Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Tokyo
Status: Torpedoed & Sunk - 10/01/1944

Remarks: Sunk by US submarine SEAWOLF east of Formosa on above date.
Previous update by Stuart Cameron
Previous update by Bruce Biddulph

Sunk in posn 27.35N 127.39E, 70 miles north of Naha on voyage Mutsure to Kaohsiung.
Additional information from Joe McMillan Collection.
Photo supplied by Joe McMillan Collection

Last updated: by Gavin Stewart from the original records by Stuart Cameron

Sunk Today 1970: mv EMPIRE ATOLL
built by Ardrossan Dockyard,
Yard No 385
Engines by British Auxilliaries Ltd., Glasgow
Last Name: ELDA (1967)
Previous Names: HADRIAN COAST (1946)
Port of Registry: PIRAEUS
Propulsion: oil 2SA 7cy 1120bhp 11.5 knots machy aft
Launched: Saturday, 12 July 1941
Built: 1942
Ship Type: Cargo Vessel
Ship's Role: coaster
Tonnage: 692 grt
Length: 209 feet 8
Breadth: 33 feet 3
Draught: 13 feet 7
Owner History:
Ministry of War Transport
Status: Sunk - 10/01/1970

Remarks: Engine trouble in heavy weather/Dragged her anchors and aground Mehidia Morocco. Total loss. Was on passage Ravenna/Kentra with fertiliser
Photo The Empire Ships
Previous update by Colin Campbell

Last updated: by Paul Hunter from the original records by Stuart Cameron

Scrapped Today 2004: tss SYLVANIA
built by John Brown Clydebank,
Yard No 700
Engines by shipbuilder
Last Name: GENOA
Propulsion: 4 Steam turbines dr geared to 2 sc shafts24500shp 20 knots
Launched: Thursday, 22 November 1956
Built: 1957
Ship Type: Passenger Vessel
Ship's Role: Canada service for Cunard Line.Latterly cruising
Tonnage: 21989
Length: 608 feet 3
Breadth: 80 feet 4
Draught: 28 feet 6
Owner History:
Phoenix Seereisen (ex Cunard liner)
Status: Scrapped - 10/01/2004
Web site:
Remarks: Renamed Fairwind in 1968. Current grt is 24803. Originally owned by Cunard. Latterly owned by German cruise company cruising the Med with ocassional world cruises.
Scrapped at Alang, India.Arr.6th January 2004 and beached 10th.
Previous update by Colin Campbell
Previous update by Paul Strathdee
Photo supplied by Paul Strathdee

Last updated: by Bruce Biddulph from the original records by Stuart Cameron

Arrived for Scrapping Today 1982: mv FREETOWN
built by Lithgows Port Glasgow,
Yard No 1149
Engines by Fairfield-Rowan Ltd Glasgow
Last Name: CHERRY RUBY 1980
Previous Names: Panseptos 1978
Port of Registry: Singapore
Propulsion: Sulzer oil engine 2SCSA 5cy 7400bhp 16 knots
Launched: Thursday, 19 September 1963
Built: 1963
Ship Type: Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 7689 grt
Length: 465 feet
Breadth: 62 feet 3
Draught: 25 feet 5
Owner History:
Elder Dempster & Co
Status: Arrived for Scrapping - 10/01/1982

Remarks: Lithgows yard number but built in former Wm Hamilton Yard.
Scrapped at Chittagong.
With thanks to Ian Buxton
Previous update by Stuart Cameron
Previous update by Colin Campbell

Last updated: by Paul Strathdee from the original records by Stuart Cameron


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